Tokologo Serite

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Born in the 90's and bred at Ga_Mashashane, Boetse village. I was named Ramokone Tokologo Coney wa ga Serite, 2nd born with 3 siblings. I'm a lot of things but most of all i'm an Africans' sister and a 'liver of life'...

I'm very passionate about giving because I was taught that sharing is caring, and that I need not to be rich to give. We need to appreciate and help each other out; share experiences. I don't believe that you always necessarily have to go through something yourself in order to understand-you can learn from other people's experiences for you to understand, that's what this is about, putting yourself in those shoes and asking God to guide you on how to help.
Self-esteem is one other thing than I'm obsessed about. If you don't love yourself a lot can go wrong, you don't know who you are and that makes it easier for you to stray.

You look to other people to give you an identity, and that misdirect you. I went through a lot of that when I was younger, i was fortunate enough to be raised by women(grans, mama, aunts & sisters)who taught me the value of loving yourself and believing in your own potential. Those values were instilled in me at a young age and they played a huge role in my life. Accept the things you cannot change and embrace them. Work on the things that you can, but never forget that you're quite perfect just the way you are.
All that i do for those around me_I don't only do it specifically to touch lives or anything like that, i do it because I love it.

Quote: "Locate the needs of others that you are equipped to fill and reach out" Emily Mokwele, my granmother.