Our Vision

To restore the dignity of Africans that poverty denies them.

Our Mission

Breaking down the walls of poverty by extending our hand to the needy. We donate sanitary products, food and clothes to the needy. We do school visit campaigns and talks for career guidance, inspirational and motivational sessions, health and lifestyle guidance.

The SAAC idea was born after finding out that a lot of girls from poor family backgrounds opt for unhygienic ways such as the use of socks, old cloth, papers and tissues for their menstrual blood flow since they can’t afford to buy sanitary towels. They end up missing school because of the shame they undergo during that time of the month. Their self-esteem and dignity is badly affected by the cloud of stigma hanging above their heads. Their future is affected in a bad way because they are not being productive at school. After listening to a silent cry of an underprivileged school girl who could not be able to afford these monthly need we decided to run a campaign called “Sponsor A Girl Child”. We donate sanitary pads together with toiletries to the needy. We also discovered that many children go to school on empty stomachs. They suffer colds during winter because they have nothing warm to wear. On the other hand we looked closely in the issue of teenage pregnancy. It is on a very high level in rural areas because of lack of facilities e.g. sports facilities as a result most teens end up roaming around the streets, engaging in sexual activities and damaging their health by substance abuse. SAAC is an organization that understands the challenges that every African child from disadvantaged family background faces and it is aimed at restoring the dignity that poverty denies them.